Cards for intuition training (in German)

All humans have intuitive skills. But intuition works like a muscle: if it is not trained, it atrophies. But this innate ability can be reactivated anytime you work with it. The exercise with the black and white cards is very simple: mix the deck, lay it face down and draw a card, also face down. Without thinking or calculating the mathematical probability, try to quickly name what color this card has. Pay attention to the feeling that arises between the question about the color of the card and the answer of your body - not of your mind. Then see what color the card has.
Just make it factual - without getting annoyed or pleased. Avoid going into the emotion in this exercise. This is not about your hit rate, because it will automatically improve as you work on your intuition. It is about the perception and identification of your feelings: how did you feel about the question, which color did you choose, which color was shown?

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