Prof. M. Norbekov Training device of intuition TIN-4

Trainer of intuition (TIN ©) - Lightweight and compact device that can teach you how to make the right choices in business and develop your intuition, to help in choosing a career, a life partner or for any everyday matters where life puts you a choice.

Develop intuition and to succeed in life - it is real!

Every day we face a choice, as in the small and in important situations. And very often, we certainly accept is not the most optimal solution, while receiving a sentence of suffering or trouble

With Tina you learn to make decisions intuitively, independently developed his this ability. This will help you avoid mistakes and choose nailutshie solutions in any area of your life.

TIN highlights the main principle of life - the penalty for a wrong decision. Working with a trainer you have to intuitively feel, which of the two buttons is the electric discharge, and choose the right and the "safe" option. For every bad decision, you get a little bit of electricity. Over time, you start to feel like foreseeing on which button the unit is reflex.

Reflex to think intuitively formed automatically, without thinking of you, will take the right decision.

The same principle is carried into your daily life.

DVD Development of Intuition (in Russian)

Mirsakarim Norbekov DVD Development of Intuition (in Russian)

We would like to introduce a new multimedia course by Mirzakarim Norbekov entitled "Development of Intuition and Psychic Perception", which is actually a continuation of the "Training and Fitness Course" program. This is a unique tool that gives you the opportunity to quickly improve your life.
The course program was developed on the basis of interactive DVD technology. All you need is a TV and a video player. For a successful outcome, train regularly for half an hour for 21 days daily. The complex system of game training and special exercises helps you to develop supernatural perception and improve intuition.

Summary of the Stage 1 Seminar (in German) Summary of the Norbekov Course Level 1 (only for students) in German

Parables of M. Norbekov (in Russian)

Mirsakarim Norbekov Parables of M. Norbekov for children and adults (in Russian)

This digital version contains Mirsakarim Norbekov's parables in cartoons. The films, with their unique Eastern coloring, are accompanied by the beautiful music of Sulton Ali Rakhmatov, a follower of Norbekov. The speaker is the famous actor Vasilij Lanovy.

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Articular Exercises in English (E-version) in English

Articular Exercises from M.S. Norbekov's system in English (E-version)

Norbekov's Articular Gymnastics is one of the key techniques in this recovery system. It is a set of different exercises for all human joints. This articular gymnastics tidies the function of joints and spine, normalizes the intervertebral discs. A spine is the foundation of the whole organism, thus the articular exercises positively effect the whole body!
The articular exercises included in the first part of the educational and health system academic course Mirzakarim Norbekova.

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