7 Secrets of the art of relaxation


Stress and tension has a destructive effect on a person. Deteriorating health, concentration, memory, efficiency. Subsequently, if you do not learn to relax, the state of tension can escalate into a chronic form. In fact, there is nothing complicated in the art of relaxation, and if you have a desire, you can learn everything. Let`s take a look at some of the main secrets of relaxation, that will help you relax and restore energy more effectively.

1. Ability to switch.

The problem of many people is that they unconsciously buried their minds thinking over the stressful situations that has happened with them. For example, a person feels frequent stresses due to problems at work, and even when he is outside the office, he continues to think over the resolution of work difficulties, trying to bring success. But, as a rule, it does not bring any positive effect. A tired brain can not efficiently search for a solution, generate ideas, build logical chains. Therefore, the first secret of the art of relaxation is the ability to switch your attention from a source of tension.

2. Ability to stop and take a break.

Essentially, person is a very hard-working creature that can withstand any pressure and adapt to all conditions, even the most uncomfortable. And the fact that we, as civilization, survived to date proves it once again. But if you want to relax, you need to learn how to control these processes. Do not perceive tension as the norm of life. Being in the extreme situations, we cannot feel ourselves totally comfortable and stay in harmony with the soul, spirit and body. Therefore it is important to do a small breaks in order to restore energy and remove undesirable tension. Even the most courageous warriors in history, sometimes retreated, and this was their strategic trick - they restored and attack with renewed force.

3. The power of water.

Few people use the power of water to relax, or do it unconsciously. Nowadays many of us go on vacation to the ponds or rivers. And people do so not because they have no place to wash, and not even because they eager to swim. Many people do it out of habit, and do not realize their main motives. The fact is that water has a powerful force-it can purify our body and clothing, but also deprive us from the accumulated psychological negativity and tension. Therefore, in the art of relaxation, it is required to use the power of water. If there is no possibility to swim in the pond, or at least in the pool, you can arrange a relaxation right in the bathroom, and leave it much younger and fresher.

4. Full isolation.

Few people can afford complete isolation, but those who regularly practicing this method of relaxation, know how effective it is. From time to time, one can allow himself to be completely disconnected from the whole world in order to unleash his thoughts get rid of negativity. Relax in solitude is not boring at all, and even vice versa. This type of recreation is much more effective, and the restoration comes much faster.

5. Meditation.

The most popular, and at the same time the most effective way in a short period of time get rid of tension, and fill yourself with positive energy. The advantage of meditation is that it can be practiced anywhere, regardless of circumstance. However, in order to meditate in crowded places, you will need some practice.

6. Sleep.

No matter how obvious it sounds, but the dream is able to restore our mental and physical energy, helps to relax. The secret of relaxation is to establish a regular sleep, and adhere the schedule. Regular sleep that repeats daily in the same hours, not only helps to relax effectively, but also enhances stress resistance.

7. Minimum of emotional stress.

Emotions, even such as joy, amazement and delight, lead us to a state of tension. If you want to effectively relax and have a good rest, you should avoid large emotional stress. Calmness promotes rapid recovery of our inner energy and body.

Regular vacation – This is not a useless waste of time, but a sensible management of personal energy!