Massage of bioactive points

Discover an instrument that improves the functioning of the whole body: massage of bioactive points. This massage is useful for the whole body, especially for improving memory, blood supply. It helps with alergia, tension, headaches, activates gums, nasal nerves and is also very effective for restoring hearing and smell.
Rub your hands and warm them up before the workout. At first massage with your middle finger «the third eye» in a circular motion, then points on the nose, chin, temples, indentation in front of cartilage near the medulla. Finally, massage along the spine with one hand, then with the other hand making circular motions first in one direction, then in another ( 8-12 times each). If you have bad hearing, you can also massage the bone mound behind the ear. You should feel a slight pain at the point but the pressure should be pleasant. Don't forget yor smile and upright posture.

1st point
Where: Between the eyebrows. This is "the third eye" with which we look into our inner world

Why: We clean our inner world, get rid of headache and fatigue, relax our eyes

2nd point
Where: at the paranasal sinuses
Why: we clean the sinuses, it is very good for allergies; for the nasal nerves; for better smell and blood circulation in the upper jaw

3rd point
Where: between the lips and the lower chin
Why: 3rd point activates the gums, the energie flows to the ears; this is a connection to our 2nd Chakra - kidneys and bladder are positively influenced

4th point
Where: temples
Why: important for memory and better concentration, for better blood supply to the brain, we get rid of headaches and fatigue

5th point
Where: ears: indentation in front of cartilages
Why: we clean our ears und it's good for our hearing

6th point
Where: Two indentations on the skull
Why: important for the memory

7th point
Where: along the spine
Why: for relaxation, for headaches