The Rejuvenation Process

How to Start the Rejuvenation Process?
You cannot turn back the clock. There is no magic capable of changing the flow of time. After turning a certain age, a person is getting old day after day, like he or she was born just for this…If you think the same, you get is wrong. The human body is exactly the magic you are looking for. And becoming the same as you were earlier is neither a fairy tale nor a tall tale; you can start the rejuvenation process, so clear your mind of all the doubts and go for your wish.

What is this process like?
Rejuvenation is the process of regeneration of new cells by an organism with the same speed as in youth. In case of mentioning the esotery and spiritual practices, you can achieve the results by intending to be young, by persuading yourself that it is possible, by starting to behave yourself in an appropriate manner. You cannot say that it is the most efficient way, but you cannot deny it either, as some people can implement these recommendations and succeed. However, you need more than a year of training and a completely different mindset. It’s difficult to believe in miracle and your capabilities, so that’s why we will talk about other methods of rejuvenation too.

How to set in motion the rejuvenation process by relying on your belief in success and healthy way of life:

  • Your body always responds to your thoughts and lifestyle. Think positive, start eating healthy;
  • Communicate with people that are younger than you, it will make you more energetic and give you more stamina;
  • Spend your free time doing sports, preferably outdoor. It will bring the effects to your organism very quickly. A healthy and strong body will at least stop aging with the same speed as before;
  • Smile more often and be joyful; the so-called happy hormones are capable of creating real miracles to your body;
  • Believe that you are young;
  • Take care of your body, love it, give yourself a rest and a good quality sleep;
  • Do meditations or yoga, be more active, be on the move.

Many modern health improving courses are based on such an approach.

Assistance in rejuvenation from the outside
Microcurrents. The therapeutic influence on the skin, muscle tissues, and lymph by the week pressure impulse current. This method will not only bring your skin a young look but also will initiate the metabolic processes in skin and muscles, which will maintain the result.
Ultraphonophoresis. The cosmetic substances are injected under the skin with help of the ultrasound, which makes the muscles toned and start the rejuvenation mechanism.
Beauty Defect Repair is the latest safe method, thanks to which the drug substances are injected into the skin, which helps to fight with wrinkles, increases elasticity, and corrects the defects;
Chemical Peeling. The partial-thickness skin burn, which is managed by the specialists. The old skin is being peeled and the organism is forced to produce new and young skin;
Immunostimulation of skin is increasing and improving the Langerhans cells, which are responsible for the reconstruction of damaged skin areas;
Photorejuvenation is the intensive effect of the streak of light on skin layers; it starts the recovering and anti-aging functions;
Plastifying masks are the cosmetic care products, which can give the lifting effect and improve the skin condition;
Special massages – increasing of skin and muscle tonus.

You can also seek assistance from the specialists at the European Institute of Norbekov System or take the special First Health-Improving course. Our health recovery courses will help the participants in becoming more joyful and energetic, which in turn will lead to starting a vibrant rejuvenation process.