A wise man was looking for a capable and talented apprentice, who would have enough skills and abilities to impart his knowledge when he dies. He decided to gather all the apprentices.

Then a plenty of apprentices gathered.

The wise man said to them:

 ‘I've encountered a problem and want to know which of you can solve it. As you can see, there is the biggest, heavy and massive door behind me in the wall. Which of you can open it without outside help?’

Some of the apprentices just hang their heads: the problem seemed unsolvable. Others studied the door more thoroughly, discussed the opportunity for using the lever and peculiarities of the material and come to a conclusion that it is impossible to solve this problem.

Everybody said that it is impossible to do as the wise man asked.

Only one apprentice approached the door and explored it thoroughly. He knocked at its surface, trying to evaluate its thickness and material density. He noticed which material the door was made of and how the butts are safely oiled. He checked it thoroughly using his eyes and hands. He knocked on it, pressed and pushed on its certain parts.

Everybody assumed that the door was closed or blocked. In fact, it was just slightly closed. Apprentice took a deep breath, concentrated and pushed the door softly. The door opened easily and without the slightest resistance.

It was designed and constructed so faultlessly that the slightest push was enough to open it.

The wise man found the successor. He turned to other apprentices and said the following words:

 ‘Success in life and work depends on several key factors and you could observe them in action today. Firstly, let your feelings completely explore and understand the reality that surrounds you. Secondly, don’t make hasty and so wrong conclusions. Thirdly, be enough brave to make a decision. Fourthly, after making the decision, act confidently and having no doubt, Fifthly, concentrate and funnel all powers and energies into this action. And finally, don’t be afraid to make a mistake.’