The only man who survived  after a shipwreck was thrown on a deserted island.

He prayed sincerely to God for salvation, and looked every day at the horizon, but nobody came to the rescue.

Exhausted, he finally built a hut from the fragments of the ship in order to protect himself from the bad weather and save some of his belongings.

But once, looking for food, he returned and saw that his house was covered with a flame and smoke rises to the sky.

The worst thing has happened: he lost everything.

Covered with grief and despair, he exclaimed: "God, for what?"

Early in the morning the next day he was awakened by the sounds of the ship, which was approaching the island, in a hurry to help.

- "How did you find out that I am here?" - the man asked his saviors.

- "We saw your signal fire," - they answered.

How easy we can fall into despair when trouble comes. But don`t let your hands down, because God cares about us, even when we are covered with pain and suffering.

You need to remember this every time your house burns down: maybe it's a signal fire that calls for help.