Master-Seminar (Level IV)

Master-Seminar (Level IV)

10 consecutive days, 4 hours each day
Participation in the Level III Seminar

“It is not my primary goal to make people rich. I help them master the art and the technique, to win, to do good, to love and to be loved. I do not teach them how to become an entrepreneur, I teach them how to become a personality, to be authentic and to rise above everything, but without arrogance. " Mirzakarim Norbekov

Celebrate your life like a feast: with ease and joy! You can achieve your greatest goals, break all boundaries and experience fulfillment in all areas of life. All you need to live fulfilled in the here and now and to experience meaning in your life lies within you. You only need access to your own, inner source. Prof. Norbekov will show you how to find it. Steer your life in the desired direction and realize your talents!

Mirzakarim Norbekov teaches you how to become aware of yourself and your uniqueness in the "workshop of success". The participants of the seminar are healthy, strong and creative people. Often they also aspire to great prosperity, because every human being can potentially have the riches of this earth. But the ultimate goal in the end is always self-realization: the exhaustion of one's own potential, the unity of body, mind, and soul, the manifestation of dreams.

Successes and abilities

  • Physical, mental and mental health and strength
  • Harmonic relationships with fellow human beings
  • Happy family life
  • Professional success
  • Exploit all hidden talents and opportunities
  • Strengthening a reliable intuition; Expression of the seventh sense
  • Development of a "winning" personality by promoting new characteristics
  • Managing and processing fears and dependencies


The seminar usually takes place in Uzbekistan. In addition to the seminar contents, there is also a joint hike with Prof. Norbekov. On trips to four ancient cities of Central Asia, you can relax and get inspired by the intensive seminar work. These places will bring you the magic of a thousand-and-one-night and will strengthen the success of the seminar in a special way.

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