Children's Seminars

Seminar according to the Norbekov method for children and their parents, which is devoted to special childish themes.

7 three-hour units on 7 consecutive days

Age of child: 6 - 14 years. Accompanying at least one parent or relatives authorized by them (Grandparents, Aunt, and Uncle)

Children also have more direct access to their potential and the power of their thoughts and feelings. They are creative, trustworthy, impulsive and simply brilliant. As Norbekov writes in the book "Eselsweisheit", the thoughts of a child manifest themselves instantly in his body. Therefore, a child can not move and pretend to be sick - it would immediately become really sick.

If a child is ill or has problems dealing with other people, the child is rarely responsible for it. In most cases the cause lies in the relationship to his parents: the child manifests their convictions, catches tension, and fights for their attention and love. This is why both the children and their parents take part in the children’s seminars. The aim is to identify subliminal problems, to transform behavior patterns and to shape the relationship with each other with mutual respect.

The children's seminar is a playful set-up, which focuses on the creativity of the child, which becomes the medium with which the child can express himself. In addition, the child develops a new self-awareness, which is very beneficial to his development and also has a long-term influence on the child's behavior.

Before the seminar, we will provide you with an individual consultation, discussing what you expect from the seminar, what your priorities are, and what you focus on. Please take the time to benefit from the seminar! Children's seminars take place in school holidays.

• Promoting the child's creative potential
• Identification and resolution of the consequences of past injuries, diseases, etc.
• Identify and resolve the consequences of negative experiences and fears
• Increased concentration capacity, increased learning ability
• Activation of the self-healing powers of the child
• Normalization of the metabolism, strengthening the immune system
• Regeneration of sense organs such as sight and hearing
• Strengthening the spine to prevent or correct postural damage
• Increasing childhood joy and self-confidence
• Analysis of the individual talents and interests of the child
• Harmonize the relationship with the parents
• Exercises on effective communication methods