Logic or intuition? Choice is yours!

Logic is commonly known as a product of the left hemisphere of the brain, while the right hemisphere is connected with image sensitivity, emotions, imagination and intuition. The left hemisphere of the brain is more developed in most modern people. Whole modern studying system is also intended for mentality development. Different trainings and courses are designed for intuition development in order to increase its capabilities.

What is more important in life: logic or intuition?

Because of the rationalism, people stop listening hints of their own inner voice. Nevertheless, developed intuitive capabilities bring success in career, help in personal life, and promote good health. Intuition is working more effectively in small children than in adults. Baby cannot analyze a situation and acts on impulse, on a hunch. Over the years, a person starts to use thinking more often and unconscious signs become unobservable. However, it’s no coincidence that only 5 % of a human brain are related to the conscious area. The rest 95 % are the vast zone of the unconscious, that’s where dreams come from, as well as unexpected inspirations and creative manifestations.

Of course, logic is essential in our life: it helps to process received information, form judgments, and make conclusions. Moreover, professional intuition is mostly based on mastering the special skills, knowledge, and experience, as well as their understanding and transferring to a new stage. While trying to estimate what is more important – great logic or developed intuition, it is necessary to understand that without each of the mental processes, human life would be quite complicated. A person, who is thinking only with facts and proofs, blocks the intuition channel, stops trusting personal feelings, does not experience bursts of creative energy, and a man, who trusts only intuition, loses connection with the real world. It is better to learn how to combine intellect and intuition harmoniously.

How to learn to hear your intuition?

For people, who are involved in personal development, the following question is of quite current interest: how to hear your intuition? It is important to understand that the subconscious mind gives information with help of symbolic language, that’s why you shouldn’t expect intuition to “speak” with logically structured and quite specific language. Psychologists point out that exposure of the subconscious mind is a little like deduction method, when either factual material or connection between separate details are analyzed. After coming into a brain, information, the most part of which is not acquired in real life, is cast about during sleep, and a complete image is formed out of it. That’s why it is necessary to be able to interpret your dreams in the right manner.

There is a set of exercises that will help to improve your intuition. If you want to learn how to never be wrong in making decisions, we recommend you to take courses for intuition development. The course called ‘Intuition Training’ is based on the unique methods, with help of which you will considerably extend the boundaries of your possibilities, you will be able to understand when someone is trying to put it across you, and you will learn how to control your emotions.