Make Yourself Happy First

Once, a wise man was walking down the road, admiring the view of the world and enjoying the life. Suddenly, he noticed an unfortunate man, who hunched his back under a disabling burden.

‘Why do you doom yourself to such suffering?’ the wise man asked.

‘I suffer for happiness of my children and grandchildren’, the wise man answered. ‘My great grandfather was suffering all his life for grandfather’s happiness, grandfather was suffering for happiness of my father, and I will be suffering all my life only for my children and grandchildren become happy.’

‘Have been anyone ever happy in your family?’ asked the wise man.

‘No, but my children and grandchildren will definitely be happy!’ the unfortunate man answered.

‘Illiterate person won’t teach reading, and a mole won’t raise an eagle!’ the wise man said. ‘At first, learn how to be a happy person yourself, and then you’ll realize how to make your children and grandchildren happy!’