How to conquer a fear of disease

Any disease causes a lot of suffering and troubles to a man, it limits his possibilities, makes him an incomplete member of society. However, sometimes, we happen to encounter seriously ill people and it is difficult to figure out their illnesses. They are happy, cheerful, and active, as well as living a full-fledged life. What is the secret of their superiority over an illness? In most cases, it’s the attitude to an illness that affects the quality of life, not the illness itself. Fear of disease is the key role here. A constant pressure of fear makes an ill person suffer even more than the pain. A man is constantly living in wait for negative stuff, he is waiting for bad things, is afraid of acting, not moving forward and simply live. Is it possible to conquer a fear of disease this way?

How to conquer a fear of disease?

It is possible to overcome fear in any situation, including a disease, only through understanding of situation, playing out different roles in several options. In the epilog, victory comes up with a positive result. Often, it’s a fear of a disease, which becomes the main reason that prevents a person to get rid of an illness. If you know how to overcome it, you can solve the situation.

Fear as a feeling is often formed in early childhood and is present during the whole life unconsciously inside a person, seeking for a new target. Fear itself can be a cause of a disease that is hidden under another layer. Working on understanding the causes of fear and sources of illness helps to overcome them, recover physical and emotional health.

What methods and ways help to overcome fear?

‘The First Health Improving Seminar’ according to Norbekov system is intended specifically for those, who are willing to overcome fear and cope with a disease. Health improving courses teach to make a real estimate of the surrounding world, to change your attitude to it according to this estimate, open reserves of your own body, start tools of self-regulation and self- healing on the way to improve your health. During the course, coaches assist in achieving an optimal balance between emotions, maximum control over your body, start regenerative processes in inner organs, influence on whole body tonus, feel yourself vigorous, cheerful and healthy.