Postponed errands

Postponed errands postpone your life

Have you noticed an interesting fact that when you finally finish some task that you started long ago and postponed it for a long time, some cheerful events start happening? It’s like someone or something thanks you with pleasant bonuses for the finished process. After finishing this task, a series of good and useful events just come at once. Someone makes you a present or an offer to buy the beloved thing at amazingly low price; or there is an offer to earn money, or some money came out of nowhere, etc. It’s like a payment for this event. Moreover, all this happens without much effort from your side.

Very few people pay attention to this fact. Almost everybody has dozens or even hundreds of errands waiting on the shelves for years. Unfinished conversations, half-done tasks at home or at work, unrealized wishes, stuff that is not thrown away, unfinished renovations, things that were not bought and much, much more.

When a person finally finishes some task and pleasant events start happening, he or she thinks that it’s just a good turn of events, just a happenchance. Most people can even imagine that it’s a pattern! That’s why their life is not moving forward, step by step turning into a bog. Your wishes don’t come true for this very reason!

You’ll say that it’s nonsense! That it’s crazy! These tasks cannot be so closely connected with circumstances that cut each other in no way! It’s not logical! How can you connect the fact that I finally sorted out the mess in the balcony with a sudden job promotion offer? Or how can I connect the fact that I called a person as I was planning long ago and talked with him about the stuff I was postponing as it was unpleasant, and suddenly someone returned me a debt? And right now, the naysayers, while reading this article, would say ‘What a nonsense’! That a call to a friend with apologies for some action cannot slowdown all their life.

But I’ll tell you: they absolutely slow it down! All is arranged in nature just the same way. If there is no rain in time – grain will not rise and there will be no harvest! If you will not pull out weeds – fruits will be small or there will be no fruits at all. All is interconnected! Sometimes, one word that was not said to a person in time can stop a huge chain of events.

If you don’t finish and fulfil the tasks you’ve planned and which are necessary, your life will stop.

Success is simply formed! It’s just performing all necessary and planned daily actions. In order to reveal a productive life and become successful, you just have to finish the tasks you’ve started! Then the echelons of events and opportunities will start moving along your road of life. You’ll see how easier your wishes and plans will come true. You won’t realize it unless you start doing it!

It’s a simple law of life! Clean up the rubble of actions that were put on the back burner.

Start small. All big things starts from small! And step by step, things will get better.

Such things like laziness, offense, unwillingness to do actions interrupt our lives at every moment. It’s not a problem. As in a long nonfunctioning machine, there is rust and dirt, so in our lives there is laziness, reluctance and the rest of it. This is dirt and rust of your soul. However, by turning the machine over again and again, you make your work start again.

Start doing what’s necessary! Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today! Moreover, start doing things that you can do in a month. Your life will accelerate! A lot of time and energy will get free! Your life will be full with fresh colors and every minute of it will have a meaning again!

Remember that there are no little nothings or trifles. Everything is important in your life. Even one tiny grain of sand can disrupt the work of a big machine and bring it to a standstill.