Ten Advices from the M.S. Norbekov’s Club

  1. You can not hide by your glasses from life.
  2. Glasses and lenses are a new kind of weapon! People-moles will voluntarily surrender themselvess to slavery.
  3. It's easier to steal from a person with poor vision.
  4. Losing your vision means losing your life.
  5. To restore vision, first, you need to remove glasses or change them to weaker ones, preferably with regular glasses.
  6. Beautiful glasses do not hide the stupidity of a person; they rather emphasize it.
  7. Vision will drop from time to time in everybody, but someone simply agrees with this.
  8. The more expensive glasses, the more difficult it is to restore your vision.
  9. Eyes are a part of the brain. And if you have visual problems, then something is wrong with your brain.
  10. In order for your vision to begin to recover, start living the life you always wanted.