Health problems

Health problems: Is there an alternative to medications?

Often a person refers to his health as a natural component of his life, which does not require investment and efforts. But when there are problems with health, many people begin to regret about their levity. The problems of physical health are directly related to the quality of life and the freedom of lifestyle choice. Having lost his health, a person is forced to look for the ways to solve this problem: address to doctors, spend time visiting medical institutions and various recreational activities, spend money for expensive medications. Is medicine always a panacea? And how is justified their frequent, massive and often uncontrolled reception?

Physical health problems from the point of view of pharmaceuticals

It has long been no secret that pharmaceutical multinational corporations and campaigns are making enormous revenues for people's health. Today, in the pharmaceutical market you can find not only medicinal products from various diseases, ut also vaccines, care products and hygiene, vitamins and even biologically active supplements. All this endless flow of chemicals is consumed by grateful patients who pay the immense amounts of money for them. If you remove all counterfeits and poor-quality products, every citizen of the civilized world has a kilogram of medicines, which he purchases and uses annually. Drugs affect the metabolism, are inactivated by the liver or excreted by the kidneys, giving them a significant additional load as well as for the pancreas.
Many pills’ consumers haven’t heard about the fifth level of pharmacological testing. Meanwhile, many pharmaceutical companies, introducing a new drug to the market, test it on consumers without informing them about it and not paying them for this research. If the drug will accumulate information about previously unknown harmful effects of its use, the product will be removed from sales. Perhaps the pharma company will pay a penalty, but ordinary consumers will not receive their compensation.

Alternative to medicine

A reasonable solution is the prevention of health and its strengthening. To restore health, you can use the unique method of M. S. Norbekov. Everyone will be able to choose the most optimal health restoration courses, which meet specific needs. Our Institute provides a range of recreational courses designed for adults and children of different gender and age. Special gymnastics, stretching, massages, training of sight and hearing, stimulation of immunity and endocrine system are based on highly effective figurative exercises that are a powerful impulse towards health. Without any medications and drugs, people manage to regain their health and renew their attitude to life by changing their attitudes, principles, and values.