Seminar Level III

Main seminar on the development of intuition

4 hours on 7 consecutive days
Price: 999,- USD

Prerequisite: Participation in the basic Level II Seminar 

The intuition, our "gut feeling", accompanies us at every step. We have, however, learned to give the rational a higher priority, which is why we often ignore it. At the same time, the least aware is that we actually make almost every decision intuitive and only afterward rational reasons. It is proven that we answer four out of five questions purely intuitively - whether it is a career offer, a financial issue or an interpersonal issue.

It is only when we cannot justify something rationally or logically that we recognize the action of our inner voice. We do not trust it, however, because too often it has misled us, we believe. We have forgotten to follow the gut feeling, and even distrust it. Very often we do not even recognize it when it makes itself softly noticeable.

The inner voice can be an absolutely reliable advisor in every area of life as we learn to strengthen our intuition. You can develop and train your intuition, which is innate to every human being. You can learn to identify your belly feeling and trust it. So you will always be able to make the right decisions for you, with the help of this inner guide.

Topics and results of the seminar

You will learn how to use simple exercises to strengthen your abdominal feeling
You learn to trust your intuition and always decide quickly and correctly
You can spontaneously select the best option from a range of options
You will learn the wrong way from wrong in the shortest possible time using the inner voice
You get to know your own inner being and discover many talents that you can promote if you are interested
You release your creative potential
You formulate your goals and learn to follow them consistently every day
You learn to control your life in a targeted and conscious way
They deepen your observation and perception
You are expanding your ability to work with your fellow human beings in harmonious interpersonal relationships

The aim of the main seminar is to recognize, accept and respect one's own intuition. Then, this ability given to all human beings can be specifically strengthened and developed. The seminar encourages you to question the motives behind your actions: Is it really your own inner being that motivates you to a specific action? You will recognize your own abdominal feeling as a useful and infallible consultant.

When the stomach and the head are in conflict, do you know who you should listen to, to make a right decision? The seminar helps them to deal with this dichotomy. If you are aware of your own wishes and dreams, you can trust that your intuition will do everything it can to achieve that goal for you.

Contents Seminar Level III

• Exercises to increase the sense of meaning
• Increase sensitivity to the limits of your real possibilities
• Distinguishing between right and wrong, true and untrue
• Liberation of negative and blocking emotions
• Exercises for targeted control and conscious control of your emotions
• Focus on "forgiveness" as a prerequisite for an unloaded life
• Liberation of your fellow human beings
• Strengthening self-responsibility