Absolute faith

This event happened when it was dry summer. The farmers in the small village were worried  that it had not rained for a long time and what would happen to their crops.

 One Sunday after Mass, they turned to their pastor for advice.

- Father, we have to do something or we will lose the harvest!

“All what is required from you is to pray with absolute faith. A prayer without faith is not a prayer. It must come from the depths of your hearts,”- the priest replied.

For the next week, the farmers gathered twice a day and prayed that God would send them rain. On Sunday they went to the priest.

- Nothing works, father! Every day we get together and pray, but still there is no rain.

- Do you really pray with faith? -the priest asked them.

They began to assure him that it was so. But the priest objected:

“I know you pray without faith, because no one of you, walking here, took an umbrella with you!"