A new look at a healthy lifestyle


Proper nutrition.

Eating right means getting most of the vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts.

It is very important to limit the amount of fatty and salty food in your diet. Salty and fatty products are real enemies for our heart. But bananas should be necessarily included in your daily diet, albeit in small quantities, as these are very high-calorie fruits. Bananas contain potassium and magnesium, which is to say, the elements necessary for the normal functioning of the heart, as well as tryptophan, a substance from which our body produces the well-known “happiness hormone”.

Do not overindulge in meat, but rather give it up altogether. Binging on meat products threatens the development of cancer, and can also provoke the appearance of kidney stones.

Zinc is very important for strengthening the immune system. To enrich your body with this substance, eat mostly muesli, whole grain bread, vegetables and dairy products.

Do not give up such a delicious product as chocolate. Just choose chocolate with a high cocoa content. Such a delicacy will cheer up and increase vitality.

Make it a rule to eat at least one apple every day. This fruit not only saturates our body with useful substances, but also strengthens the work of the stomach, supplies useful ballast substances to the intestines, which improve their work.

It is also important to remember that a smile is the simplest catalyst for the positive energy. When you smile, happiness overwhelms not only you, but also your loved ones.

Therefore, eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle, smile more and be healthy!