Never Give Up!

Once upon a time, a farmer's donkey fell into a well. It was screaming terribly, calling for help. The farmer came and threw up his hands: 'How can I get you out of there?'

Then the farmer thought: 'My donkey is old. It will pass away soon. I was going to buy a new and young one anyway. And the well is almost dry. I was planning to dig a new one in another place. So why not do it now? At the same time, I will bury the donkey in order to not scent its bad smell'.

He invited all his neighbors to dig a well. They took up shovels and began to throw the soil into the well. The donkey immediately understood what was going on and started shrieking terribly. Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, he stopped screaming. After a few minutes, the farmer decided to see what was happening down there.

He was amazed at what he saw there. Donkey shook off and kicked off every piece of land that fell on its back. Very soon the donkey appeared at the top and jumped out of the well!

... During your life, you will meet a lot of grunge, and every time life will send you a new portion. Every time, when a piece of dirt falls on you, shrug it off and climb to the top - that's the only way to get out of the well.

Each of the emerging problems is like a stone to go though a brook. If you do not stop and do not give up, you can get out of the deepest well.