Intuition cards according to Norbekov's method

Information about the product:
40 cards in plastic box (20 black cards and 20 white cards)
Publisher: European Institute of Norbekov’s Method
Card size:‎ 8.5 cm х 5.5 cm

Black and white intuition cards are a primary tool for developing intuition and for accessing inner sensations. A continuation of two-color cards are multicolored advanced intuition cards.

What does the training with the cards bring?
The aim of the training with the intuition cards is to remember the sensations of a right and wrong answer and to learn to distinguish them so that this knowledge can later be used when making a choice. Improved color perception is immediately and automatically transferred to your life. That is, you will know which of the decisions is the correct one and which of the options is the best.

Intuition and the reasons to develop it
Intuition is not a supernatural phenomenon, but rather an inherent human ability. You can train it, develop it and use it successfully in everyday life to make the right decisions.
If you train consciously, your intuition will be a true, irreplaceable friend. It frees you from all the doubtful situations that are too common in our lives. During the training you will unexpectedly get answers to all your questions.
Before you can trust your intuition, you must learn to feel it. One must learn to distinguish truth from lies and the sixth sense from fantasy. We all know what happens when decisions are made based on pure imagination.
The future will be more open to you and you will be able to use it to your own advantage.
All people have intuitive abilities. But intuition works like a muscle: if it's not exercised, it atrophies. However, this innate ability can be reactivated at any time by working with it.

Basics of intuition training

1. No emotional coloring. If you hit the right color - don't get excited! If you didn’t manage to do this, don't get frustrated! Otherwise, the logic will defeat you.
2. Turn off the logic. Don't think twice about your choice! Within 10 seconds the logic kicks in and forces you to make a prediction. The main thing is to follow how logic works and how intuition works.
3. A proper training duration. Pay attention - you will work for 5 minutes, after that various thoughts will apappe- about the house, wife, husband, work, etc., then you will start to get angry that nothing is working out and that everything is nonsense. The human resistance threshold is about 15 minutes, as you know. Therefore, the training lasts about 20-30 minutes. But no longer, because then the brain gets tired.
4. Direct your attention inwards to analyze your feelings. How did you feel when asked which color you chose, which color showed up? The working scheme is: answer - test - analysis - new response. Then the necessary ability develops not to guess the color but to choose it, that is, to use knowledge, intuition and not blind logic when choosing.

Example of the exercise:
Shuffle the deck, place it face down in front of you, and draw a card, also face down. Without thinking or calculating the mathematical probability, try to quickly name what color this card is. As you do this, pay attention to the feeling that arises between the question of what suit you are being asked and the answer of your
body, not your mind. Then look what color the card is. Just state this factually — without getting angry or happy. Avoid emotions while doing this exercise. It's not about your hit rate, it will automatically improve as you
work on your intuition. It's about the perception and identification of your feelings: how did you feel when you asked the question, which color did you choose, which color showed up? Write down your observations.
If you felt the color correctly, then put it in one pile, if wrong - then in another. After working the whole deck like this, count the cards in both piles and write down the result.

Expected Results:
After the 10,000 cards have been drawn face down and then named, certain feelings for black and white arise in the body. After 25-30 days of 40-minute work with the deck, you can feel the color of 70% cards.

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