How to start leading a healthy lifestyle after 50 years?

After 50 years of life, each person begins to feel the aging process and is concerned how to stop it. Aging is a natural process that cannot be stopped. But it depends on a person whether to speed up this process or noticeably stop it. The biggest contributors to the aging process are smoking, alcohol and obesity. How to get rid of such bad habits?

First of all you need to have a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and set yourself up for a completely new stage in this life. And then, in order to feel young and healthy again, you have to:

- quit smoking completely;
Quitting smoking is perhaps the most difficult task, but it is doable. If you can’t quit abruptly, then you need to do it gradually. For the beginning, stop smoking before going to bed and in the morning. Set a goal for yourself: “until I get to work, I do not smoke.” And at a certain moment tune in, focus and give up smoking forever.

- stop abusing alcohol;
The key word here is to abuse. You just need to stop celebrating special events, drinking "a hundred and fifty grams" after work, keeping a neighbor company (in terms of drinking) and using one hundred grams for appetite.

- eat healthy food;
No diets needed here. A person needs to eat whatever he likes. But the amount of food must be reduced as much as the willpower allows a person. The main condition here is not to overeat and not to eat “out of habit”.

- observe the regimen;
After 50 years, the regimen should be like that of an 18-year-old person. Eight or nine hours of sleep are needed, then a person should be active the rest of the time.

- do physical exercises.
And now the most important thing. After 50 years of life, a person begins to feel some physical ailments. Pain in the knee, “colic” under the stomach or in the liver area, discomfort in the lower back, and so on. One cure for all this is RUNNIG.
Running slows down the aging process. Therefore, almost every morning, before taking a shower and having breakfast, you need to do a light jog. And in just a month, you can already feel the result. All pains in the body disappear and throughout the day, a person feels energized and vigorous, extra pounds of weight are gradually lost. At the age of 50 you need to run two or three kilometers five days a week. A healthy lifestyle greatly slows down the aging process.

Therefore eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle, do physical exercises and be healthy!