About Norbekov and his method

The Norbekov method will familiarize you with your body's amazing ability to heal itself and assist you in recovering your health.

“You guard a huge diamond. You just have to find it, grind it and put it into the light so that it shines with all surfaces. Then you can look at everything with different eyes and open new horizons in life.”
(Mirzakarim Norbekov)

The method developed by Mirzakarim Norbekov is unique and focuses on the alternative healing. It gives our body the capacity for self-adjustment and self-renewal. You will discover the amazing abilities of your body and learn to trust in your self-healing. You'll live healthy and active until old age without pain and suffering. You'll refrain from glasses, hearing aids and medicine and your path to self-healing will be successful.

The method has been optimized over three decades. It is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels, easy to learn and effective. Whoever uses it learns to activate their own forces and resources, train the body, educate the will, and thus awaken the mind.

The System according to M. Norbekov is based on the support of the soul in order to activate your self-healing powers. With your own attitude, both inwardly and outwardly, your gestures and facial expressions give your body signals to form certain messengers in the brain. From there, they enter into your whole body and stimulate biochemical processes in the individual cells, which regenerate the cells and thus have a positive effect on the entire body. When you use your inner powers consciously, you can influence all systems of your body and overcome diseases.

The Norbekov system consists of four consecutive seminars: 

Level 1: restoring your health, strengthening your body.
Level 2: perfect body control, targeted control of your emotions.
Level 3: Intuition Training
Level 4:  Master's Degree, Success Workshop

Webinar Level 1: restoring your health, strengthening your body.
Webinar Level 2: perfect body control, targeted control of your emotions.

Basic seminar "The Power of Femininity"
Extended Women's Seminar "Power of Femininity"
Men's seminar "Magical Masculinity"
Children's seminar "A Happy Child"

Trainer's Seminar

All the seminars according to the Norbekov system in Germany and Europe are organized by the European Institute of Norbekov System, led by Mr. S. Rachok.

Further information about the Institute, as well as the seminars according to the Norbekov system, are available at www.NorbekovSystem.com

About the European Institute of Norbekov System: it was founded in 2004 and already for 13 years (since 2004) it has been successfully organizing the eye training other seminars according to the Norbekov method! The entire activity concerning the company and organization of courses according to the Norbekov method is exercised in full compliance with the German and European law.

Please register and take part in the free trial day of the seminar that cost 40 EUR or in the whole course. Special conditions apply to the non-medical practitioners. 

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