Seminar Level I

Seminar Level I

Basic seminar on restoring and optimizing the health of your body
4 hours on 10 consecutive days
Price: 649, - USD

The opening of the seminar is an introductory evening in which you can participate without obligation and get information.
Duration: approx. 2 - 3 hours
Costs: 40 $ (will be charged with the seminar fee)

As children, we are usually healthy, cheerful and happy. As adults, on the other hand, we are absorbed by our work. Stress, time deficit, and performance pressure become a fixed part of everyday life. As a result, the first physical complaints occur. As these years go by, these complaints then become diseases that significantly limit our zest for life. We accept this development as part of life: "In old age, one has just pain and affliction, which is quite normal."

But it is not and it must not be! The rhythm of your life can be completely different if you want and want to be yourself. Hand on heart: When was the last time you woke up with the feeling of literally tearing down trees? When was the last time you felt comfortable in your skin: without pain, full of energy, in a good mood? When were you satisfied with your life, your job, everything?

Your body is an amazing instrument that has incredible abilities - if you leave it! In the class 1 class, you will learn how to activate your self-healing powers. Feelings like the ones described above will then be for you not an exception, but everyday life - and health to an advanced age an absolutely realistic possibility. You will learn how you can get into your full strength and health - without any tools, pills or doctors. You learn to trust the abilities of your body and use them purposefully.

Topics and results of the seminar:
-Restoration of full physical and mental health
-Rejuvenation of the body
-Activation of the body-specific regeneration processes on the cell plane
-Fitness, activity and a good figure to old age
-Reduction of scars and wrinkles
-Reduction of overweight and elimination of figurative problems
-Optimal vision and hearing without tools, improvement or disappearance of complaints such as tinnitus, astigmatism, retinal detachment or cataract
-Improve sleep quality
-Minimizing occupational and private stress
-Elimination of back and joint complaints
-Strengthening the immune system, overcoming allergies
-Increased concentration and performance
-New life energy, new self-confidence

The exercises of the Norbekov method are easy to learn but highly effective: if you integrate them into your everyday life, you can look forward to the first successes within a very short time. You gain both inner and outer a new attitude and strength that allows you to re-structure your organism and even your whole life.

The Norbekov Methodology is based on the assumption that a man consists of body, mind, and soul, which form a unity and are not to be viewed separately from one another. Therefore, all exercises work on all three levels. Already in the first days, cleaning processes are taking place, which leads to a direct improvement in the general condition of many participants. You will sleep better, see better, improve your vision (1 or 2 diopters) and feel more comfortable.

In order to stabilize these improvements and even go a long way, it is absolutely necessary that you actively work on them. The decision for a healthier, more fulfilling life, and also the necessary commitment to it, can not take you away. Work in the seminar, and then work consistently with the exercises you learn at home. The exercises have already proven themselves millions of times. They are an important tool for you - but you must use it yourself.

Contents of the Level I Seminar

Techniques for restoring health
Attitude, smile, image of youth, warning of the "three obstacles”, daily homework
Working with the eyes:
Palming, work with the table, with the stamp, eye training
Exercise "Octave"
Visualization exercise "fantasy flight"
Pendulum of the emotions
Exercise "Forgiveness"

Work with organs:
Rehabilitation, meditative breathing, activation of the filter mechanisms, big round, organ correction, ideomotoric (contactless) massage, working with the favorite organ, spine, scarring treatment, head organs, gynecological urological massage, Exercise with the optic nerve, work with the lymph, correction of the figure, facial massage against wrinkles.

Gymnastic exercises
Massage the bioactive points
Steered training
Eagle pose
Sinusurve of healing