Webinar Level I

Contents of the Level I Webinar

With the webinar, you will achieve the same results at home as with a personal participation in the seminar room. You'll have access to all materials from any computer with an Internet connection, saving you time and travel expenses.

You will learn how to influence your own body and activate your self-healing powers. This way you can balance your body, if it is out of balance, whether it is the consequences of injury, unhealthy lifestyle or even a chronic illness.

You will discover your own incredible powers and how to use them.

With simple and effective exercises you will be able to create health, happiness, and success.

You learn simple but extremely effective exercises that allow you to train and use your mind:

-Breathing and concentrating exercises
-Creative use of mental and emotional forces
-Exercises with which you can "scan" your body for interference and immediately compensate for it
-A highly effective gymnastics routine for better muscles and maximum mobility of joints and spine
-Exercises for eye training

Nobody can take these exercises instead of you. We give you a million-times proven, highly effective tool in your hand. But you must use it yourself so that you can look forward to the following results within a very short time:

• Restoring and strengthening inner balance
• Increased energy of life
• Restoration of vision and hearing
• Activate the healing powers of your body
• Regeneration of body and nervous system
• Strengthen the immune system
• Stress management for more serenity
• Minimizes scars and wrinkles
• Rejuvenation of the skin
• Normalization of metabolism and weight

The Norbekov Method is based on the assumption that man consists of body, mind, and soul, which form a unity and are not to be viewed separately from one another. Therefore, all exercises work on all three levels. Already in the first days, cleaning processes are taking place, which leads to a direct improvement in the general condition of many participants. You will sleep better, see better, improve your vision (1 or 2 diopters) and feel more comfortable.

In order to stabilize these improvements and even go a long way, it is absolutely necessary that you actively work on them. The decision for a healthier, more fulfilling life, and also the necessary commitment for it, cannot take you away. Work in the seminar, and then work consistently with the exercises you learn at home. The exercises have already proven themselves millions of times. They are an important tool for you - but you must use it yourself.

Contents of the Webinar Level I

Techniques for restoring health
Attitude, smile, image of youth, warning of the "three obstacles", daily homework
Working with the eyes:
Palming, work with the table, with the stamp, eye training
Exercise "Octave"
Visualization exercise "Fantasy flight"
Pendulum of emotions
Exercise "Forgiveness"

Work with organs:
Revision, meditative breathing, activation of the filter mechanisms, large round, ideomotor (contactless) massage, working with the favorite organ, the spine, scarring treatment, the head organs, gynecological urological massage, Exercise with the optic nerve, work with the lymph, correction of the figure, facial massage against wrinkles.

Gymnastic exercises
Breathing exercise
Massage of the bioactive points
Joint training
Eagle position
Sinusurve of healing

Technical requirements:
A fast, stable Internet access with a current browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).
Speakers or headphones.

Before the start of the webinar, you will receive all the documents in digital form. During the webinar and afterward, you will receive individual support and advice from the webinar referent.