7 Scientific Proofs that Laughing is Wholesome

We all have heard the saying "Laughing is the best medicine". However, few know that this is actually a scientifically proven fact. A good sense of humor and sincere laughter will do your physical, emotional and social health well.
Also, this is considerably cheaper than doctor's visits and works much better than any medicine. Even more: it’s absolutely free! Why shouldn’t you try it then?

Here are just a few reasons why laughter promotes good health:

1. Laughter is good for blood vessels.
During laughter, the tissue which forms the inner surface of the vessels is expanded and the blood supply is increased. Laughter also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2. Laughter improves emotional health.
Laughing releases dopamine, which increases and intensifies pleasure; Furthermore, serotonin, which lifts the mood, and endorphin, which reduces stress and triggers euphoria. All this has a positive effect on our emotional health.

3. Laughter improves social relationships.
There is a hypothesis that laughter has arisen long before human speech. Therefore, it is an indispensable element for human relationships. A healthy sense of humor makes communication easy and enjoyable.

4. Laughing makes you more attractive.
Research has shown that women find men with a good sense of humor more attractive. For their part, men feel more attracted to women who laugh at their jokes. Laughter makes it possible to feel comfortable in society. In addition, showing a good sense of humor during an interview increases your chances to get a job.

5. Laughing relieves stress and anxiety.
Our sense of humor helps us to manage our everyday problems. It alleviates negative effects of stress on our health and promotes a positive mood. This helps to discover positive aspects in negative situations.

6. Laughing strengthens the immune system.
Daily stress suppresses our immune system and increases the risk of infection and heart disease. A good sense of humor prevents the negative impact on the immune system and protects us from diseases.

7. Laughing is good for your lungs.
Laughing is a fast and easy way to adjust your breath and clean your lungs. It increases the number of cardiac contractions, the respiration frequency and the oxygen consumption. Long-lasting laughter frees the lungs from residual air and fills them with oxygen. In other words: Laughing makes you breathe deeper, which improves the functional state of the respiratory organs. This is very wholesome, especially for people with airway diseases like for example Asthma.

Sincere laughter is very "contagious". This is the only "disease" that you want to have as often as possible.